Stump Grinding & Removal

24/7 Trees offer a fast, affordable and effective solution for your unwanted tree stumps through Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.


Often when trees are removed from a property, dangerous and unpleasant tree stumps and roots are left behind.


The purpose of stump grinding is to prevent unwanted situations where they can become a tripping hazard, or even interfere with landscaping design plans. In the latter, stumps can become an attraction for pests, ants cockroaches and termites.
Controlling tree stumps through stump grinding and removal is a recommended action to keeping your property safe and free from risks.


Our team use advanced technology, making the process is simple and effective. Rest assured your unwelcome tree stumps will be swiftly and appropriately removed, along with all unwanted project debris and leaving your property in perfect condition.


Contact our team today for a consultation and free quote. To find out more about our stump grinding and stump removal service call us on 1300 024 787 or send an email.


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